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We invite you to indulge in an alternative approach to good health and healing, at Karmic Carnelian - our cosy, eclectic, rural studio on the outskirts of Dunblane.

Let the rumble of the untamed Allan Water soothe you, whilst our mother and daughter team banish tension and dis-ease from your life, the holistic way.

Our therapies, which include reiki, reflexology and crystal energy healing, naturally restore equilibrium of mind, body and spirit.  These ancient, non-invasive practices, channel and release stagnant energies stored within the body.  Unblocking your energetic pathways, for optimal physical and emotional well-being.


A gentle, comforting option in trauma recovery.  A safe way to compliment conventional, pharmaceutical medicines.  Boost your immune system, soothe your nervous system, or ease your aches and pains, without troublesome side effects.  Follow the link below to learn more about how these age-old, energy based healing techniques can improve your life.

If it’s divine guidance you’re searching for, we can take care of that too.  Find out where you are on your spiritual journey, with an intuitive tarot reading.

Or if there is cause for celebration in your life, check out our unique Crafty Celebrations package, for something a little bit different.