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an alternative approach to healing

We invite you to indulge in an alternative approach to good health and healing, at Karmic Carnelian - our cosy, eclectic, rural studio on the outskirts of Dunblane.

Browse through our ever-growing range of services below.  Karmic Carnelian is a place of discovery - so don't be afraid to contact us with any questions.

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage or ‘Champissage’ is perhaps one of the most indulgent and sensuous ways to get your energy flowing.

Our fascial tissue is a complex part of our anatomy, which surrounds and supports every function within the body.  And being as sensitive as our external skin, it can tell us a lot about our overall state of wellbeing!

Think of the instant relief felt when stimulating the temples or firmly squeezing tense shoulders.  Champissage focuses on the scalp, temples, neck, middle-back, shoulders, trapezius, upper arms, brow and ears.  Using a surprising and pleasurable variety of sensory stimulus that will have you melting on the spot.

Your clothes are protected from oils used only at the neck area. It’s recommended you wear a top with a stretchy neckline / no collar.  Or you are welcome to remove your clothing and be wrapped in a towel, which allows for a deeper massage of the back and shoulders. We don’t use oils on the scalp, but your hair will be thoroughly dishevelled with this treatment option!

Champissage can be booked as a twin session for couples and friends.  So you can treat your bestie to some side-by-side relaxation.

60 mins £45 | twin 60 mins £80 | block of 4 solo £170


A traditional healing therapy, developed in the early 20th century by Dr Mikao Usui. The Usui reiki practice involves laying of hands on the recipients chakras, or energy points on the physical body and surrounding auric field – the ‘subtle bodies’. Delivering Universal life force energy to every cell, by releasing and unblocking stagnant energy, allowing for healthy balance and flow.

Enjoy soothing sounds, with complimentary healing frequencies, as our Master practitioner guides you into a state of deep relaxation. Simply breathe and observe the subtle sensations, as this uplifting energy is channelled to you.

Reiki is safe for everyone and addresses a broad range of ailments and dis-ease. Stress, emotional trauma, aches and pains… holistically and without side effects.

30 mins £25 | 60 mins £40 | 4x 1 Hour Block £144


The benefits of this therapeutic practice are limitless. From insomnia, PMS and joint pain, to headaches, anxiety or fatigue – there’s a pressure point for that, on the soles of your feet - and we know where to find it!

Begin with a pampering foot spa, as our accredited clinician chats with you about your concerns and expectations. Then indulge in perfect relaxation, as a combination of massage and gentle pressure is applied to corresponding points.

Non-invasive, and free from side effects, reflexology is a perfect complimentary therapy to counter unwanted, ill effects of necessary conventional medicines. A revitalising experience, that will leave you walking on air.

60 mins £45 | 4x 1 Hour Block £155
(available mid-week with limited availability at weekends on request)

crystal healing

Raise your vibrations and relax, with a crystal energy session. Our accredited practitioner will select various stones, tailored to your particular requirements, and place them methodically at the chakras.

Your energy field will be cleansed and nourished, whilst blockages are identified and brought back into alignment. Restoring balance and harmony of the mind, body and soul.

You might enjoy having your therapist tell you about the crystals used throughout the session. Or you may simply wish to meditate quietly and receive a briefing at the end.

Clients are provided with an ‘holistic crystal prescription’, so you can further research the properties of the crystals matched to you. This treatment is safe and suitable for all.

30 mins £25 | 60 mins £40 | 4x 1 Hour Block £144

gift certificates

e-vouchers only, can be customised for any combination of treatments or value across KC and L&L services. Just contact us with your requirements, including recipient's full name and any specific message you'd like to appear on the voucher. Delivered within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Valid for 12 months.