psychic services

psychic services

Have you always been interested in a tarot reading but are unsure where to begin? Your friendly and welcoming psychic at Karmic Carnelian will show you the way. You can keep it to yourself in a solo session, bring the other half or your neighbour. Or make it a party - we can accommodate 4-6 guests at the studio for readings. Entertainment at your selected venue for an unlimited number is available - just DM to enquire.

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intuitive tarot

What is holding you back from manifesting your dreams? How can you move past this difficult chapter?

Which path leads to abundance and prosperity? Should you accept that offer? So many questions… and we have all the time in the world. Step into our calming, rural studio and find out where you are on your spiritual journey - the Universe is patiently waiting to deliver your messages!

Our resident clairsentient uses a traditional Rider Waite deck.

We require prior consent from a parent or guardian, for querents under the age of 16.

We can also provide an answer to your questions remotely, using Zoom or Whatsapp video call.

30 mins £25 | 60 mins £40

online course

Do you want to learn for yourself how to read tarot? Now you can from your own home!

This is a modern and vibrant video tarot course to teach you simple and more complex spreads, as well as learning all 78 card definitions.

Join resident KC psychic intuitive, Victoria, along with Nicky and Paula to unlock the power of tarot in 10 hours.

from £79

tarot workshops

Calling all empaths!  Our 8-hour tarot masterclass in collaboration with Colin Stevenson is hitting the road!  Stay tuned for dates and venues across Scotland TBA.  In this unique and interactive masterclass, two of the nations most talented psychic readers will be sharing their knowledge with you, so that you can begin your own personal tarot reading journey.  Exploring your psychic potential has never been so much fun!