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karmic carnelian crystal shop

Crystals are a huge part of what we do at KC - from balancing your chakras during a reiki session, boosting your manifestations during the monthly new moon club, to enhancing your inner and outer beauty with a beautiful facial from Lavender & Lemon.

We now offer ethically sourced crystals for you to purchase. Online sales are coming soon; you are welcome to come to the studio for a browse - by appointment or of course, as part of your treatment. If there is something you are looking for, please send us a message and we can help you find the one.


polished freeforms

We have a range of absolutely stunning freeform crystals - these are large pieces with an irregular rounded shape with a flat bottom. The polished surface makes the crystals’ unique patterns stand out and they make amazing display pieces.

Our rose quartz freeforms are not to be missed and our fluorite pieces have the most beautiful markings, making these very special, statement crystal pieces!

double terminated points

Double terminated crystals have a point at each end which allows their energy to flow both ways. These are great for use during reiki and crystal healing treatments and are also perfect for crystal grids. Meditation is amplified using crystals of this shape and they assist with relaxation, moving stagnant energy out and breathing new, calming energy back in.

We have a selection of very high-quality amethyst double terminated points in stock. Our therapist enjoyed a reiki session from a fellow practitioner with this amethyst collection and felt transported to the higher realms!

palm stones

Palm stones are the perfect shape to fit into the palm of your hand and are smooth and tactile. They can be used to help you stay calm, focus your energy, set manifestations or simply display in your home to boost the vibrations in your living space.

points and towers

Crystal points direct the crystal’s energy through one or both ends, being very useful for channelling energy for various purposes such as energy healing, cleansing, or activating a grid.

Crystal towers are great tools for manifestation rituals or to help with mental clarity, focus, and concentration during your study or work.

We stock beautiful clear quartz, garden quartz and smoky citrine points and towers.


crystal shapes

We have a stock of various crystal shapes and mini towers in stock - aventurine, carnelian, clear quartz, pink opal and more - take your pick!

These types of crystals are lovely for display purposes, perhaps for use in grids or indeed for meditation. Their different shapes can help to focus the mind during times of stress or when you need an extra boost of confidence.


Crystal tumblestones are usually small, rounded and well-polished pieces. They are excellent to carry around throughout the day to remind you of the intentions you set and they really show off the beauty of the natural materials.

We have a variety of different tumblestones to choose from and prices start from just £3.50. You can also purchase small bags of particular tumblestones for your crystal grids.