fate has worked hard to find you

We invite you to indulge in an alternative approach to good health and healing, at Karmic Carnelian - our cosy, eclectic, rural studio on the outskirts of Dunblane.

Let the rumble of the untamed Allan Water soothe you, whilst we banish tension and dis-ease from your life, the holistic way.



We like to vibe. With incense and crystals and high frequencies...

Cellular healing is our cup of tea. And then we read the tea leaves. Because there is no better way to win at this game of life, than divinely connected.

No clinical environment. No judgement. Just perfect peace. Let us hold you for a while.

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allow us to smother you with positivity

Boost your immune system, soothe your nervous system, or ease your aches and pains, without troublesome side effects.

Massage, energy balancing therapies, indulgent aromatherapy...

And we have a crystal shop!

Take a closer look at our services to find out more.


events and workshops

 Check out our unique seasonal and bespoke events for something more than just a little bit different!

unique entertainment, for hire

KC is a highly experienced hostess and entertainer, ready to bring some spooky fun to your occasion, whatever the setting.

Corporate entertainment packages from £220